We are located in, and ship from, The Netherlands, Western Europe.

Please note that the Covid-19 outbreak has turned the whole "shipping world" upside down with customs services reducing their speed of processing considerably, forwarders working with reduced staff etc.
This seriously affects transit times.
Please consider this situation.

To, somewhat, counteract this situation, we are offering TWO shipping options:

1) Shipment by mail
Within Europe, this takes up to 10 working days but in reality, it can vary considerably.
Outside Europe, it can take up to 21 working days with the same variance.
It does include Track & Trace and Insurance and although it is the fastest option offered by this world's Postal Services, it is not necessarily the fastest shipping option available.
For delivery, it uses the Postal Services of this world so its final delivery will be handled by your local service (so, for example, the U.S.P.S. in the USA).
Regardless of weight and destination this costs US$ 32.50 per shipment.

2) Shipment by DHL Courier
This is considerably faster and more expensive...
DHL claim a mere 5 - 7 working days but also here, variances are always possible depending on what's happening in the world!
It uses the DHL courier network to make the delivery.
Regardless of weight an destination this costs US$ 62.50 per shipment.

You need to make your choice at the checkout.

We basically ship to any destination in the world but have made a couple of exceptions due to the unreasonably high fraud rates from those regions.
As a consequence, we do NOT ship to Indonesia, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, Bulgaria, Romania or Venezuela.